The Outfit Of The BIG Boss

All the big bosses wear this, do you?

Have you ever had an interview with an employer or potential employee and everything about them was great? They had everything – a fitted, dark colored blazer set with a clean and ironed button up shirt, tailored pants and a clean pair of leather shoes…except a belt.

During your break, I’d encourage you to take a walk through town. You’ll be surprised to find many individuals not wearing a belt. While it’s not a necessity, a belt is one of the subtlest pieces of article you can own.

Think about it this way: a man in a suit without a belt is like a room without a lamp; adding a belt is like adding a lamp. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it can make a tremendous difference in a person’s suit, and in a similar sense, a lamp can change the way you see the room.


“So I need to get a belt now.”

To tell you the truth, that decision is complete up to you. As you continue to read, consider these examples that a belt can make in your overall life. And that will advise you what to do:

A belt makes a big difference when you speak with an employer or employee. It establishes a sense of authority just by the way we dress and it demonstrates our professional status without saying a single word.

Even if you’re walking through town in casual professional clothing, a belt can demonstrate your social status – the last thing you’d want is for anyone to think any less of you. People make first impressions based on what they see, so make a lasting impression for them.

Whether you meet clients face-to-face or by greeting, people will take notice of the extra time you take to look good; missing a belt or wearing lint-covered clothing can easily distract someone and draw their attention somewhere you don’t want it to be. A clean shirt won’t attract any more attention than a shirt with a dark stain. People take notice of the subtle details, even when you don’t think they will.


Don’t let others think otherwise

It’s easy to see how a belt can affect how others look at you, but what about you? Good question.

A belt is universal in any form of fashion – it goes with all types of clothes (professional or casual) and even doubles up as a way to hold up your pants. You can never go wrong if you wear a belt under your shirt. Likewise, not every pair of pants will fit exactly like another – having a belt can eliminate this problem.

When you look good, you feel good. A belt really adds to the overall style of your outfit – especially for a suit. Wear a full suit and add a black leather belt to it with black shoes – you’ll notice what a difference it makes. When you feel good, you’re more focused on your job and beaming with higher confidence.


Belts always help, never hurt

A belt is a small investment you make for yourself. A small item that can greatly improve the overall image, chance at a job, and outlook in life, is worth the money you spend on it.

Do you wear a belt? Some think a belt is a necessity and others think it’s an accessory – which do you think it is? Comment below and let us know.