Why All Professionals Buy This?

Find out why all professionals buy this

You’ve got a fitted, deep black blazer matched with a grey button up shirt and a pair of dress shoes carefully chosen to match the seams of the suit pants. Everything is neatly chosen, yet the subtlest part is one of the most important aspects of a suit – the belt.

A belt is arguably one of the biggest fashion trends known to mankind and has been used for years in all sorts of forms. However, for today’s article, we will be focusing on a belt used for men – whether it’s for a practical or fashionable purpose, a belt is something all men should own. And ladies, we’re not excluding you – a belt is a perfect gift for the holidays, but a great gift shouldn’t be any less quality. A belt that will last for years to come, not the cheapest belt that anyone can find at a local consumer store.

So, why do men use the same belts for many years? For most, the goal is to be economic – meaning that the money you spend now will be repaid in years to come. In other words, what you spend on a quality item today will eventually come back (in the form of income or saved money) in the future. In this case, we’re going to show you exactly why some men don’t bother buying a new belt after a single purchase. You heard right, one purchase that lasts for years to come.


Discover the difference of using a quality belt

In the world of economics, there are really two types of belts – replaceable belts and quality belts. But let’s explore what a quality belt entails.


  1. A quality belt is one that is known as “full-grain,” or genuine leather belts. They’re the most high quality, durable, flexible, and tough types of belts to buy. If you’re looking for the number one reason why any male would simply use the same belt over and over, this would be the reason. A belt that can endure all kinds of abuse without losing its function is one that men will continue to use forever.
  2. Now that we understand why a man should look for one that will last him a long time. But why would they keep using it over and over? Most belts come in black or brown – you don’t really see exotic colored belts that are worn in the professional world. And in fact, most dress shoes come in…black or brown! It’s not entirely a coincidence. The easiest way to determine whether you’d want a black or brown belt is by the color shoes you wear. Black belts go with black shoes and brown belts go with brown shoes, simple right?
    But don’t feel limited to matching your belt with shoes – your belt should match at least one article of clothing on you. Otherwise, it won’t give the subtle illusion it creates.
  3. Now a lot of arguments occur between a belt being a necessity or an accessory. While both arguments are valid, we like to think of a belt as both. It will do its job correctly by holding up your pants, but it also adds style to your overall outfit. This is the 3rd reason any man will buy a belt to use repeatedly – if you look good, you’ll feel good.
  4. I like to compare a belt that has been used repeatedly to a shoe that has been broken in. When you buy a new pair of shoes, they’re rigid and sometimes, a bit uncomfortable. The same with a belt – one that is brand new has never been used, and frankly, it’s not as comfortable as one that has been used (It’s flexible, it’s sturdy, and it fits you). For most people, it is a matter of convenience and comfort. You’re used to it and to buy a new one means it has to feel the same as the belt you use now.
  5. To properly wear a belt, you should get a size that wraps around so that you can use the buckle to stop it at the middle hole. Getting one that stops there can help keep your belt in longer use because weight and size of men can change, keeping it at the middle allows you for room to shift the belt size without needing to purchase a brand new belt.

In general, the factors of quality, comfort, and style all affect the belt that we buy. We encourage you to spend your time to research on this topic. Imagine a suit without a belt, it would be like a tub without water; it’s not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice. Even a suit with a bad belt choice – it would be like a face with a pimple; not obvious from far away, but up close, you can really tell.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you would keep reusing a belt. We’d like to hear from you about what keeps you from buying more belts. Comment below with what you think is a reason.