Before the black belt, you must get the brown belt

To men who want to look fashionable:


For the longest time, many people get themselves confused about what color belt and what color shoes they should get. The big question is, “does it really make a difference?” But let’s not get confused, especially since we live in a world of color.


Brown is the color to use when you’re looking for that classy look. And I’m not talking about dark brown – I’m talking about the caramel and shiny colored brown that sits around your waist. It’s such a subtle part of your outfit, yet such an important part of it at the same time.


So what’s the rule of thumb for brown belts? Compliment it with brown shoes – they should always match to the best of your ability. And unless you plan to use a wild color, as a professional, you’re probably better off with a brown belt.


There’s no specific reason men are told to match these two colors. But if you really want some good reasons…


A brown belt is:

  • Visually appealing. It gives you an elegant look – one that visually communicates the message, “I know what I’m doing” across.
  • Unless you’re wearing a suit that isn’t tailored to your body type, wearing brown leather in subtle parts of your body (i.e. belts, shoes) can make your outfit look sharper and ultimately, make you look good.
  • Lastly, and quite obviously, it’s fashionable. Men dig the look of a classy and sharp outfit. Ladies swoon over the sight of a well dressed male. If the hype hasn’t already won you over, let’s hope this message convinces you otherwise.


Before you buy a black belt, you should check your inventory of clothes – brown shoes? Time to get a brown belt. Having a pair of brown accessories will dress you into your manhood.