What Colors Go With a Brown Belt?

There’s nothing classier than a leather belt wrapped around a fashionable pair of trousers, but how do you know when it’s best to wear a brown one?

 Real leather belts last, instead of disintegrating into tiny bits like less durable pants-clinchers. A black leather belt is an easy buy for anyone – black is the new black, after all, and fits with most evening looks. However, the classic brown leather belt is a little more squirrely. A brown belt with black shoes is obviously a faux pas, but where does the line exists? How do you show off your classic style without clashing?

The first perfect home of the brown belt is the through the loops of a pair of flat-front khakis. In fact, khakis with a black belt are a terrible curse on the eyes, and practically require a brown belt. The two combined create a great day-time look for most workplaces, anywhere “business casual,” and even for a nice dinner during Spring or Summer. 

Brown pants of any kind go with a brown belt, as does the perennial pair of blue jeans. Blue jeans are a versatile option for any sartorial occasion, and work very well with a brown leather belt and a pair of matching brown shoes. Avoid non-brown shoes with any brown belt, if you can help it. Gray trousers also seldom work very well with a brown belt.

A brown leather belt is a must-have item in any closet, and is vital for a number of daytime and Spring/Summer looks.