Buy the Right Wallet to Attract Prosperity

Ladies you may have your house in order, but what about your wallet?

If chosen and treated correctly, the right wallet may be a powerful tool

for attracting wealth, money and prosperity into your life.


A wallet is a more than just a convenience to hold your coins, notes and credit cards - it is the home for your money and everything related to it.


Money and wealth in general does not like negligence or carelessness.

Your wallet should reflect that, so make sure to keep it safe and in good repair.


Money and wealth are attracted to people who treat it respectfully, with gratitude and appreciation, so keep your wallet in a special place when you get home – don't just throw it down on the kitchen table. You should always know where your wallet is and be able to put your hands on it quickly without thinking about it whereabouts - luxury and prosperity are attracted to places, where they "feel" safe.


Choose the 'home' for your money carefully. A good wallet should have enough space to hold everything you need to keep in it such as banknotes, coins and credit cards. If possible, buy a wallet where the banknotes can freely fit into the wallet without being folded as money doesn't like being wrinkled or creased.


Your new wallet should have enough compartments to keep banknotes, coins, and cards separately. As money likes order, you should line up your notes so that they lie in the same order and notes of the same amount together.


At, we want you to have the right wallet to fit your prosperous mindset.