About Us


Beauty lies in diversity and contradiction that exists naturally in the human race. Imagine living among people who are exactly like you. That wouldn’t bring about any uniqueness in this world, would it? Embracing uniqueness and diversity in human existence, we have created a brand which enables you to wear something that depicts your individuality.

We live in a society where certain fashion trends are set by certain people we are hardly ever aware of! Why not create our own trends and entertain the fashion industry with our uniqueness? At UnitedSplit we create customized clothes which are available in a few numbers of products. This way we preach individuality! We want to make sure you feel completely unique and different from everyone around you.

We endorse the capability of a person’s clothing to make him look and feel unique. While clothes represent both the evident and underlying personality of a person, our clothes will make you embrace your individuality in the crowd. We know how every person wants to represent his personality in a way not everyone else can. Everybody wants to look out-of-ordinary. We want every person in this world to be happy the way he wants to look without considering major trends as an opposing factor to his individuality.

We take pride in saying our products are of exceptional quality. Every Accessory that we customize is finely stitched to perfection and endures sustenance. Our quality Accessories will make sure you look presentable in front of everyone with confidence.
Deep Contrast creates real variety!” With our focus on quality and finesse, we want to make sure every customer is satisfied with what we offer.

Despite the wide range we offer, we make sure every product has excellent quality and makes our customers happy. Advocating diversity, there is no diversity in the quality of our products! Every product is made with a blend of innovation, creativity and hard work to ensure a prolific outcome.