Men's Brown Leather Belt Extra Wide Distorted Imprinted 5152

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Have you ever had a belt that broke in half? How frustrating! Well, you can be sure that this extra strong belt is made from one piece of 100% genuine leather. It simply CAN'T break this way, even if you try hard.

Have you ever had a good leather belt that you really liked, but its buckle was starting to look worn out? Our belts come with snap-ons! This amazing patent will allow you to keep your belt for years to come. By snapping on a new buckle, you will now have a new belt and a brand new look!

This amazing belt is made especially for jeans.

Simply choose the buckle you love and the size you need– and this beautiful belt is yours.



Style: Retro

Width: 1.7''~ 4.5 cm

Length: made to order, please send a message with your size.


This Belt comes with a free pin buckle.

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